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An Entrepreneurial Staff
Representatives of Eynon Associates are professionals with track records demonstrating experience, creativity and hard work. They take an innovative approach to product development, identifying what the competition can't or won't do in anticipating our customers' needs. Our customers appreciate this proactive approach to value. Our principals are similarly appreciative of these efforts. They recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of our sales associates, who demonstrate persistence and leadership in researching market opportunities and making sales calls. We work closely with both our resource companies and our customers in a productive partnership, interfacing with the people who develop the products and working with those who will use them.

Eynon's Focused Efforts Add Value
Eynon Associates, Inc. is the representative for a select group of suppliers who manufacture components, assemblies and materials. We direct the resources of these companies so that the consumer is served with a premium-quality, low-cost product. At Eynon Associates, Inc., the focus is on value, the feature or advantage that meets the unique needs of our customers. Because our product lines are highly engineered -- beyond the scope or interest of many suppliers -- we work closely with engineers to present new product designs. We also work with purchasing and quality control personnel, pursuing the maximum in value. Our value-added approach and focused efforts, developed within the context of long-term relationships, help us achieve profitable growth for everyone.

Engineered Products for the Automotive Market
The products we market are uniquely engineered to meet the specific needs of the automotive industry. We work with all the major automobile manufacturers and with many of their suppliers, targeting customers who would benefit from the specialized abilities of our resource companies. As a result of our ability to identify niches, we have customers throughout the world. Current annual sales exceed thirty million dollars.

Developing Solutions Through Engineering Design
We help our companies succeed in the highly competitive manufacturing arena by identifying market opportunities. Since our founding in 1936, we have assisted our principals in selecting the components or materials that provide an optimum blend of function and value for our customers. At the same time, we've helped our customers find solutions for their manufacturing problems. Much of our activity in product design and sales engineering goes hand-in-hand with market development. We visualize a result and then examine ways to achieve it by combining parts, processes and technologies. The extra value we help create is ultimately what sells the product.


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