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Blaine Eynon moved from St. Marys, Pennsylvania to Detroit in 1936 to participate in the rapidly expanding field of automobile manufacturing. He soon founded both a manufacturer's representative agency and a manufacturing company to sell and produce automotive parts from a small facility on Cass Avenue in Detroit.

During World War II, the efforts of both companies focused on military components, including parts used in gun sights for the military aircraft industry which was displacing automotive production in many Michigan factories.

The boom period following the war saw both the sales and manufacturing businesses grow. The companies moved to three new and consecutively larger locations until the manufacturing business was sold in 1967.

Mr. Eynon died in 1970 but had taken on a new employee as full equity partner several years earlier. His partner became sole owner and president of the organization on January 1, 1971. Blaine Eynon Jr. had joined the company one year earlier. Eynon Associates continued to grow through the 1970's, mainly through the offering of automotive air conditioning products, especially vacuum actuators and heater water control valves.

Blaine Eynon Jr. purchased 25% of the company stock in 1975 and the remaining 75% of the company stock In 1980, becoming its president in the summer of 1980.

Additional automotive products were developed, introduced, and sold, expanding the business significantly. Gas springs, engine block thermostats, and powder metal products were key components driving growth through the year 2000, helping to achieve an annual sales volume of $120,000,000.

The first decade of the 21st century was a difficult one for many automotive suppliers. Eynon Associates, Inc. survived the mergers of three key principals and the bankruptcies of two more principals. As a result, annual sales fell below $20,000,000, the first decline since 1975. Blaine Eynon Jr. and key employees traveled to Korea, China, and Europe, securing sales agreements with manufacturers there which, today, represent over 50% of the company's total sales.

Eynon 75 Years

The future now looks bright with automotive production increasing and suppliers expanding their business to meet growing customer expectations. We look forward to working with customers and principals alike, building relationships and growing sales, now in our 80th year.


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